Lyrics and Guitar Chords

## Move
How hard is it to actually do something?
To imagine a you in your mind
so profound, so imaginitive,

Go back to those times where you imagined yourself to be
an amazing being
someone that would never take or
or be shit.

Someone that in five to ten or twenty years
would soar higher and make such a difference
that the world had to stop or catch fire.

And at this moment, where are we?
We blame: circumstances, lost opportunities,
we freezed when we needed to move
afraid, afraid of rejection
afraid of change
afraid to hurt, afraid to make a move…

Yet, nobody can help it.
We always get to a place, a bad place.
maybe someone you love is angry at you,
maybe someone you hate succeeds,
maybe someone you love dies,
and then everything is suddenly gloom and sorrow

Most people live in fear, plays safe
No way, all plagued by the story that runs in their own head

I learned to love losing,
and feel the pain again and again
it sucks I know, but if you don’t stretch,
then you won’t grow

go ahead, stay afraid
with no pain, we know how that goes
people are gonna laugh, they just wished
they had the same guts

Let’s imagine and make
play the game and create
bend the rules, open the door
get out, run, gun and move.

Move. Do.

Intro: F
Rest of song: C Em Am G



## The Cycle of Life and Death 
Memories of you and me
of you holding my hand to cross the street
of me and my friends in splendid company

we were all laughing little kids
we got to be in your care
you fed us and set us straight
then as time flies

we wandered and got older
we created our own lives with structures
we built our own little future
however imperfect it seemed

then we slowly wither
aging and wintering with time
as all time comes to an end

but for everything that is
we all lived a great little life
we laughed a million times over
and connected with all sorts \>G C D
> and I got to be with you

and for now you are gone
but you will never be forgotten
I wish I could hold you back with me

but that’s not how it works
we are all a part of this
a giant spec of sand or a
a small mighty mountain

and wherever I go
I carry you all
your laugh, your wisdom
your jokes, your quirks

I am all you, and I will be a part of you, too.
One day soon.

Capo 3: E F#m (4th fret E) A
OR: G C D (no capo)


## Breakdown
And there you go walking and talking around
Conducting yourself with dignity
And some sort of grace

I learned to put up a front
I learned to say everything is alright
When it is very far from it

What’s funny is that we try and hide but our pain, our wounds are wide open
People smell the stench of rotting flesh
It’s getting infected by our own fears and insecurities

Then at the moment when we breakdown under the weight of the world
When our muscles cannot handle it anymore
We drop to our lowest point in shame
Humiliated by what we’ve done, by the actions we’ve taken
//For those who have reached me, and climbed down to see me
I’m not much fun at this moment
Feel like just weeping
But thank you for still loving me
Thank you for letting me know that you have my back
I love you too

/Now life is good,
The lights are back on
And got my dancing shoes on

The moon even winks and says
You got this kid!

I smile for all the stupid things I’ve done, for all the crazy shit
And yet somehow we made it all this far
I couldn’t have done it without you

G D (x2) – C D


## Ternpat (Repeat)
Made of missing pieces
It’s hard to find my way
I keep searching for that right move
for that one thing

that’ll change my life forever
Ignoring all the signs.
I cannot explain my behavior
most of the time

> I’m on automatic here
doing nothing for myself
Programmed since birth
Just doing what I was told
Wake up, sit down, bow my head, work and repeat

After years of doing this
I walked back home.
Walking as if my ass was sore

Wish I could say
Wish I could’ve tried
Wish I hadn’t lost my mind

> The people I look up to
They look made
Wish I could be them
Have their perfect days

But I can’t.

I have my own life to live.
I stopped everything and said fuck this shit
It may not make me a million
But if I die right now,
They’d have to wipe up my smile

Chords: Em B7 // Am B7



## Lauve
I only saw you once
And once was enough for me to fall
Keep talking
I could hear you all day long
You’re sweet and smoothly soft
You flirt with your dark kind eyes
You’re scared because you’ve been hurt before

and don’t want to feel blood
soil your dress
spill on your hands
trust me, your heart needs it bad

Burn all these hurts and stick them in the sand
Pour your emotions onto me
I’ll drink them all
Let them burn inside my throat
I want the butterfly juice
I want to consume it all

Let them fly inside me
I’m floating over you
I want to float inside your blood
Just once to feel Lauve

You’re floating inside of me
your thoughts, your voice, your soul, your all
All concoct inside to feel Lauve

Capo 2: Em Am B7



## Afterglow
When you close your eyes
And see lights in your mind
Flashing colors
Fragments, pixels,
Kaleidoscoping inside you
Watching it glow and wander

You open your eyes
and see with a haze
The fog in where it all changes before you

People can melt
Lights can turn on
The inanimate can have a life

A life that only exists – in your head
Thoughts are clear as day – in your mind
The feeling of oneness – in your head – that everything is okay with the world

You can’t help but wake up different
The experiences that went on in one night

can burn forever – I felt it, I saw it.
I saw the brightness in the dark.
I saw you in all shapes and forms – young and old
Skin-melting, bending, Shape shifting
Yet you were the same beautiful soul, my afterglow.

Chords: Capo 1 // Em B7


## Me in Slow Motion

Guitar at Capo 3 (Chords attached)
E – I sit here waiting for words to rain on me
Waiting patiently for my turn
A- Waiting for when the sun will shine
I can’t stand it in the darkness
E- and the rain and the shadows
It’s a scary place in my head

B7- You make me feel safe
As safe as I’ve ever been -E
A- I feel like I belong to you
And that is how it’ll be E-

B7- Once we were nothing
And now we have everything
E- We can’t think of nothing and our our feelings override
I used to feel empty and all alone

A- An abysmal feeling unjustified of a human being E-
And now that i get to eternally hang out with you, B7- I feel alive E-

A- Like purpose on wings
Things to do for us E-
B7- Moments to treasure
We live for the pleasure of breathing next to you

E- Inhale me my soul and
A- Exhale all the times you E- felt low
A- Inhale good times and that is what is best to come E-
B7- This is only the beginning
This is only the start

E- Of moments that are unfolding in front of you
A- Of the magic that you are right now. E-
B7- So don’t hold your breath for something better.
I am right here and not a quitter


## Road to Define
are you still that black shirted angry teenager?
Or feel old and just don’t care anymore?

Are you that insecure youth, rebelling against everything?
Or maybe feel like laughing at silly shit?

Perhaps a curious child that would jump in a puddle.
I used to believe I could be anything. Invincible like Superman, handsome, charming and I can, unafraid boundless and free.

> My lungs were full of air and chest up high.
And then they tell you “Hey, things are different now”. As a teen, you’re always trying to prove yourself. To prove your worthy of who you are

Angry at the world for not having answers and the air in my lungs slowly went away.

Then there’s the romantic troubles and more and more proof that you may not be worthy of living in this world.

> How sad it is to love sometimes.
Then, the more you live, the more you breathe in this wretched earth.

The more trees you see, the more necks you breathe, the more your heart breaks

Everything falls back together.
No longer distorted and no longer afraid. You see life differently.
You see across intentions and into the real.
> People for what they really are. Lonely people wanting to connect.

Connect with themselves, with the world. All I want is to love and feel loved.

Chords: Em Am B7


## If I’ll hurt anyway
I love you so much, I wish I could kill you
I want to crush you and treat you like shit
You’re so fucking adorable that I want to slap your beautiful face

I want to put my fingers in your mouth
feel your saliva through my veins
I need to pin you down and choke you (with love)
I need you to feel how much I care

> I just want to explode and make you feel my love (so much)
I want to bite your fucking neck
and suck out every ounce of pain
the only pain you should be feeling is ours

I don’t want to punch you or belittle you
I need you to love me with hurt, too
to know that you care and love
so c’mon and slap me, bite me, choke me, hit me
with everything
If I’m gonna hurt anyway
it might as well be from you

> You might be scared but don’t you hold back on me, my love.
Aggression in love is as natural
As anything in this earth can be
My love, don’t you hold back anything

Chords: G Em Am D


## Glimmer
If you could close your eyes and let your mind think
what would your life be like
if you had an inkling of control
of bravery, an inkling of hope

And for that one brief moment everything changes in your mind you are free
there are no bad parents or people to blame there is only you and you alone

> Opportunities pass you by
they are not busses
but birds you can’t reach
clouds you cant touch

You’ve sacrificed your life
was it worth it in the end?
what would you change if you had an inkling of control
of bravery, an inkling of hope


> I am surrounded by beauty and disgrace
one animal eating another for need and for pleasure
the limits are time and money
which are balanced by risks and hope

even when you sprinkle a tiny spec
of something magical
a film, a poem or a compliment
you’ve made the world a better place

Capo 2
Chords Em C // Chorus G D C


## I Just Died
I just died
I have no eyes, yet I see
and float around like a gas with a soul
I saw my devastated family

An unpleasant scene of despair
Yet I can’t do anything
I can’t touch or say “I’ll be okay” because I don’t even know that

I can’t even feel the fear of not knowing
No hunger, no smell, no longings… just peace

I feel the love from you. You miss me
You miss my smile, my humor, my zest, my weird everyday habits
And all that, all the memories, the photographs and our jokes is now deep within you

I live with you now, flowing through your blood and your heart and your feet.
I am everywhere because I was life and now I just flow.

Capo 1 // CHORDS: E and E (but with top finger on top chord)