About Ricky Mendoza – Bio

Storyteller extraordinaire, Ricky Mendoza, knows how to take his pain, chew it, and spit it back out in the most poetic way possible. With a voice that could make angels and demons weep, his songwriting is a perfect blend of fury and stomping, anthemic melodies that’ll have you nodding your head and feeling every word.


Ricky is a veteran storyteller not only in the realm of music but in film directing as well, he has two feature films under his belt, creating worlds and telling stories comes natural but this time the camera turns on him and is now the protagonist in this cruel world of independent music.


ANGST, his debut album, took us on a deep dive into the agony of a crumbling long-term relationship. Tracks like “Marmalade” and “Risktakers (Take It All)” remind us to pick ourselves up, wipe away those tears, and learn from the hard knocks. Two years later, Ricky hit us with NO ONE HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER, a mind-blowing mix of spoken word and folk-punk gold. This one’s all about self-love and acceptance, baby! As he belts out on the transition track, “Explaining My Loneliness,” even when feeling empty, it’s time to rise and get our shit together.


Ricky’s new album THE NEW HURT is out worldwide right now and here’s what Radioactive Magazine from Germany says “over the course of 11 amazing songs, The New Hurt keeps you pushing forward even in times of anguish and pain, and that includes the album’s unrelentingly open and energetic opener, Move.”


The article concludes with, “In any case, Ricky Mendoza can be described as an experienced, creative artist who performs with a brave voice and has a talent for writing strong lyrics. Fearless in his exploration of the deepest encounters of the human soul, he taps into his own life story to connect with his fans and invites his fans to experience the full spectrum of emotions that our time on Earth can bring us .”


Ricky Mendoza is based in Austin, Texas and plays as a solo act and as a full band as Ricky Mendoza and The Screaming Hearts.


For Fans Of: Against Me, Neutral Milk Hotel, Frank Turner, Tim Barry, Laura Jane Grace, Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon.


For more information on Ricky Mendoza, please visit:

Website: https://rickymendoza.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickymendozaorg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rickymendozaorg/