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1 – The Master
2 – Linds vs. The World
3 – Marmalade
4 – Next!
5 – Being Okay
6 – Stars Maligned
7 – Song for Mom
8 – We work with what we have
9 – Risktakers (take it all)
10 – A Man That Once Lived (spoken word)
11 – The Next Adventure (spoken word)
12 – The World Needs You (spoken word)
13 – Solitude’s Embrace (spoken word)
14 – The Imaginary Traveler (spoken word)
15 – Premature Grays (spoken word)
16 – Letter to George (spoken word)
17 – I Want To Go Out Like Hemingway (spoken word)

Lyrics and Guitar Chords

## The Master
In my dreams, I am a champion
In my thoughts I am all confidence
In my mind, I control you
In my head, I have you.

I live in a world where no one can damage me
I am heartless, man with no feelings
and everyone likes me
I’m a defender, and I will never break your heart.

Because my choices are always correct
I have an impeccable and incredible taste (of clothes)
My feelings are impenetrable
No one can touch me I am the champion of the day.

In my head, I will never dismay
In my thoughts, I am always free
In my dreams, I am the best of the nest
And my mind I say what comes to mind.

I’m a simple man sorting the universe
I am a simple mind pursuing my heart, but I can’t help it,
Vulnerability, I can’t escape you.

Loneliness, you’re my main muse
Weirdness inside, I can’t shake you off my side
I feel lost. Wish there was a map for my life.

Navigating the seas, of my universe
Charting new paths, into the unknown
I am not scared anymore
I am the champion of the day.

Chords: C Am G F

## Linds, Against The World
We didn’t get what we were promised,
the grand pianos in the jumbo jets
the palm court cocktail bars and the skinny little waitresses

His colleagues were making lots of dough
but this time, they had nothing to show
And they got rewarded plenty, they got rewarded big

They got money in their wallets, and a nice place to live
skeletons in their closets and amazing automobiles

Hey ooohhh
Why can’t you see, we need to be free
and daydream

He politely cared, he politely listened.
your project is great, but that’s not what he meant.
He thought, “Can’t you see you are all insane?”
Because tell me, what is it that you enjoy the most out of life?
Let me tell you that in the end, the accountants will win the day.

Hey ooohhh Why can’t you see, we need to be free
and daydream

But here’s the thing, he says,
non-surprisingly, he laid out how the scam works
and he laid out several points

It takes a lot of courage
We need a safe place to create
without fear of ridicule and judgment

I read looking for an answer, looking for hope
You really have to not care of what society prescribes
we shift and seize our lives, when you look forward upon your life
you don’t have to be dying of cancer, to die

Not everything that shines is gold my friend
Do you really strive for a plastic gold statuette

Why can’t you see, we need to be free
and daydream

But here’s the thing, and I qoute:
But what I didn’t do, with the benefit of perspective,
is anything of any lasting importance.
At least creatively speaking.
Economically, I probably helped move some merchandise.
Enhanced a few bottom lines.
Helped make one or two wealthy men
a bit wealthier than they already were.

As a life, it all seemed like such a good idea at the time.
But I’m not really sure it passes “The Overnight Test”.

Why can’t you see, we need to be free
and daydream


Based on this article:

Chords F G C Am

## Marmalade
And here I am, I can’t get you out of my head.
I try to work, I try to cook, I try to breathe
and there you are.

Why do I feel this way, why doesn’t anything cheer me up?
At least I did it. At least I told you I love you.
I can’t even believe it.

Way back when, you thought of our lives together.
You imagined the two of us and the way it would work out,
but, in your cold calculated mind it did not…

I surprise myself,
I thought my heart was a rock
I thought I had it bulletproofed and my mind was set

Apparently, my heart is made of fucking marmalade
and it was never in my chest,
it was always on my sleeve.

And now, what am I supposed to do?
Continue being friends?
So I can laugh with your men?
I don’t see myself there anymore.

Strangely, I don’t feel sad
I feel like a new man, like I discovered my heart
I did everything I can, to be at your side.
I fought the good fight.

But I am not a kid anymore,
so I am wiping my tears, picking myself up,
I am gonna lose myself in this beautiful world
and hopefully, one day, my heart will scar
and many moons will pass and you will be nothing
but a beautiful distant memory in my mind

But for now, I am hopeless.
Drowning in my own fucking marmalade.

Chords Capo 3: C Em Am G

## Next!
So, you’re obsessing over a girl
you think she’s perfect
and her sweat smells of roses
well she doesn’t.

She’s not more exciting than you and me
I don’t care if she’s pretty
at the end of day it all fades away.
and you’re left with another human being, I suppose. Just like you and me. And speaking of you and me

You and me are so godamn worth it
we put it all on the table
we hold no punches

and we take what we want
we have failed for our success
and we’ll continue failing until we get it right
damn right

We do have regrets, but we make godamn sure
they never happen ever again
We’ve got fire in our souls
we may not be unique, but we try and try and try

And every time we lose, is every time we learn
and that’s how we live

Just knowing that someone’s got my back
makes it easier to fall
Now give me your hand
and wipe that dirt off your back

Chords Capo 3: G C G D // Harmonica Bb

##Being Okay
From my hands, to my heart
I look all around and I see.
The beauty of these streets.
It’s not real. This place is shit.

I stop and look at this place,
it’s forgotten, the people with frowns.
Happiness is a state of mind.
Cynical, a world of hate.

The work of a singer, a painter or a song.
A maker of films, aren’t we all
living in our movies in our own tragedies…
but enough, about reality.
but enough, enough about reality.

When I open my heart and I let it go.
When I fall in love, and feel butterflies.
When I see that look in my mother’s eyes.
The world is incredibly bright with sunshine.

But it’s the same world.
But, it’s the same world.
But, It’s the same world.
It’s the same world. How can that be?

I wish I could be happy and free
with no job and be traveling
That’s exactly the way.
That’s exactly the way I want to be.

And in the end, all we need is a hug
and know that there’s people in this world
that give a shit if you are okay
and fine and doing well.

Thank you for asking I’m still living my dream, my dream of being okay.
Don’t wanna be blue or ecstatic or red, I am fine with being okay.
I know I am doing okay.

I want my kid to look up to me
and say “thank you Dad, learned so much from you.”
If a killer, or lions, a madman or a girl
tries to break you, I’d be there for you.

Chords C E Am F / Bridge: F E

## Stars Maligned
In my own little universe
alone, lost and a little hurt
wandering around I keep going places
but going nowhere at all

Somewhere in the universe
there is a wayward and crazy asteroid
heading to no special place (that’s me) (2x)

You know that someday that asteroid
will eventually run its course and crash
into something somewhere but it’ll
never know

It’s molecules make a rock, my molecules make my heart
and I have the ability to feel big & tall & strong
and go through it all

It feels wonderful, I feel alive
better do something now
because in many years from now
I will be a floating passing you by

Chords F#m A E

## A Song for Mom
I know it’s a natural instinct,
I know that you kind of have to… and you did.
I know that sometimes, it’s not up to you,
but you did it any way.

I know I’ve done some stupid things
but you were always there for me.
Out of all the things you could’ve done,
you put first your family

And today I’m glad that you found someone to make you as happy, the way you made me, and that he makes you happy and makes you smile today.

When I was a kid you were going to college
and making minimum wage
and inside of me was a lot of pain
and obvious rage
We still kept going, living life with the help of our loved ones
and you still took care of me & my sisters,
you still cared and listened

And today I’m glad that you found someone to make you as happy, the way you made me, and that he makes you happy and makes you smile today

Chords F G C Am

## We Work with what We Have
Have you ever felt your best, ever feel like you can win?
Ever feel like you can climb the highest mountain and do everything?
Have you ever felt so low before, when all shit hits the floor?
have you ever wished you’d never live another day?

Sometimes it’s so much godamn good fun, that it feels like it’ll never end
sometimes it feels that the earth and the universe has stopped for me.

When you turn the page there are days that feel endless and dark
I received some pretty bad news today, fuck why me?
sometimes it feels that the earth and the universe has stopped and is against me
Sometimes it’s just dumb luck, come on lady why did you crash into me!

Other times I know that I am the only one to blame
for my ego and my selfishness
and now, I have to suffer the consequence of loneliness.

I don’t know what I would do, if I didn’t have you
thank you for listening and telling me that it gets better down the road
Even though it’s probably not true but I feel better drinking with you.

Sometimes I wish and dream about many things
things that I don’t have, I wish I was strong and beautiful
and have a better personality and have everyone like me
But i’ll take what I have, and it doesn’t make me sad.

it may not be much, but this is all we got
and other men have done much more with less.

Chords G–C–G–D
Chorus Em–C–Em–D

## Risktakers (Take it all)
I know it is hard for you to imagine
I really don’t know what’s in your head
But if you release your mind
you might be surprised, by the incredible things we can do

Because risktakers, take it all
I was once afraid, but then the thought that you might die any day,
Because risktakers, take it all whoooa ohh

You don’t need that much money to accomplish everything your heart desires
Everything is simply inside your head

So whatever you might fear, nobody will make fun
and if they do, well who cares, they’re probably too scared anyway…

Because risktakers, take it all
I was once afraid, but then the thought that you might die any day,
Because risktakers, take it all whoooa ohh

There are two types of people in this world
the ones that do and those that don’t
If you risk, I guarantee you will lose

but it doesn’t matter because if you at least get a taste
of accomplishment, it feels better than anything in the whole entire world

If it’s a girl, go get her
If it’s getting what you’re worth
Better be aware that the risktakers are gonna take it all

Chords: D–F#m–G–A

## Letter for George
This is a letter to my friend I never had.
I just wanted to let you know how much you meant to me.
I listened to you in awe,
I curled with laughter and shared with my friends
your jokes, your silliness, your anger,
the stupid stuff, the super smarts
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

George, you did your best stuff as you got older.
We needed more of you but that’s okay, you went out with a bang

Your life was a lonely life, you partied by yourself
you felt weird around your peers and wore black.
You traveled everywhere and you never fucked a ten.

Your observations were cute and clever
and you practiced them to death
you transformed your words
and made them into razor blades.

Your dedication to your profession
is something I will oh so ever admire
When times got tough you bit the bullet
and never retired.
Joke after joke, was incessant rapid fire
Whether you’re in heaven or hell or dissolved into the sea
I’d like to believe that you are now a part of me

so fuck everyone, for all I know…

## Premature Grays
If you should really know,
I feel like an idiot painting over my head,
my follicles are starting to produce some unwanted shit.
I know I am getting older and it is only natural.

I feel all sorts of colors,
I sometimes feel the sadness of blue
other times just raging black
But in my mind, I don’t feel gray
and why should I?

These fucking hairs on my head, make me feel old
It’s a natural reminder that soon I am gonna die
and for that I am thankful, I guess.

I don’t know where this is going
What the hell am I saying,
growing old is much better than being dead.
After countless laughs and stupid acts
my friends just about sound right.
Let’s get another round until we beat this damn night.

These lovely hairs on my head, make me feel alive,
It’s nature’s alarm to hurry and do what’s not right
and for that I am thankful, I guess.

## A Man That Once Lived
Have you ever seen someone die?
Have you been there as your loved one is dying
I was a kid but until then I couldn’t grasp, I couldn’t understand
the fragility of our life

I had not squandered I was living life as a happy and angry young man
but it was until that time when Mr. Wheeler slowly withered
a bigger than life man, bigger than my dreams
the man who took care of me, the man that got me out of jail several times
when a person like that fades slowly in front of your eyes
something happened inside of me
a realization, a moment of zen, of truth and weakness

he didn’t get run over, or bullet ridden
or a brick over the head
it was a slow deteriorating death
like a parasite inside him
ate his mind first and then his body

as death came closer
I questioned my own existence
my child’s and the people I loved
I felt a new kind of love

I saw people in a different way
it was like we are all given a ticket on this big fucking bus
that travels the universe going around a burning fire
and we we’re all here for the ride

as I felt long ago invincible and strong
I now felt vulnerable knowing I could go at any time
but with that new knowledge
with that new weakness, I decided I was not going to wither

I want to be like his youth
I want to make the impossible
bend life to its knees and achieve things
that I myself would be proud of

works that would help me grow
use them as tools to bring happiness
to my own little sappiness

that man that died, was a great man
a myth, a folklore, the father of my Mother
I felt he could do anything
and that’s what I want to be.

*A nice poem for my Grandfather Juan Manuel Wheeler

## The Next Adventure
As the thoughts flash and linger in my mind
as I enjoy the remembrance of times passed
the coffee in the mornings, the beers in the night
laughing and feeling the wind of day’s past

I sometimes remember and I laugh
I had a great time that night
I didn’t have to go far, I’ve spent some great times in my backyard
I can’t wait for my next adventure

Sometimes the memories will flood
some are happy but turn into sad thoughts
of thinking about the times I’ve spent,
of the things that were learned and the food that was cooked
about all the people that were important but now they’re gone
about their quirks and their thoughts
What ever happened to those friends
that were lost on the wayside
some are gone and others are forever in my blood
Skating, drinking and jumping into the endless streets
I can’t believe I was there
It seems like another person, a distant film in my head

The pain and the sorrows stick out like a sore thumb
but they’ve helped me grow and to let my son know
that that’s not the way to go

The times I’ve slept on the floor after a hard night with my friends
remember that night the only time I’ve gotten high, nothing could stop us
we laughed and laughed, my stomach hurt of happiness
and we were famished and we ravished the taco trucks

I can’t wait for the next turn, I feel like going into the unknown
going where no man has gone before
I can’t wait

* Inspired by the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac

## Solitude’s Embrace
A friend of mine lost his sister,
another friend told me that her son is thinking of suicide
I myself am enveloped with my own’s problems

Relationships break and relationships started
and soon their sons and daughters
we are all going through a mountain of shit
but that is the beauty of shit

when I let go of my grudges
and just simply be
we are really the same
you, me, him, her,

there are no jocks, no nerds, no whores
just a collective of the same fucking problems
the same fucking aspirations
and the same broken dreams

I look in your eyes
and I don’t see a beautiful girl I want to sleep with
I see my problems, I see myself

Maybe there is something not right with me
maybe I am not ready
maybe, maybe, maybe…

Maybe this is good night.

## The Imaginary Traveler
Oh please struggle won’t you go away,
let that doubt wash away
there ain’t no winning and there ain’t no losing
it’s about living and dying

loneliness and worthlessness are your worst enemies
I can’t even imagine your internal battle
a war that is raging at every waking turn

while everyone tries to be normal
I have war inside my mind
I struggle all the time
patience is a battle

why is everyone labeling, judging
are you the jury or the ruler of the world?
or are you, a mere peasant just like me…

conflicted I wander, always loving
always hating…
Sometimes I wish I can be like tim and jump on a train and go
sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs, fuck you, I can’t stand this place, I can’t stand you superficial people, I cant stand the world…
Its the same world, that is beautiful and cruel…
Any way you look at it, it’s a lot of work and a lot of despair…
It gets harder to survive and be alive, and take care of your own…

We put up with other’s shit and baggage.
That’s why I travel light.
Your laughter is what I like the most… That sound, that feeling…
It soothes my soul.

## The World Needs You
I don’t know exactly when
the moment I started caring

When shit hits the fan, when the people you love pass
or when your heart breaks and you feel let down

It is so sudden and so unexpected
we all know it, yet we all ignore it

When I was a kid I felt I had the world in my hands,
pretty soon the world turned and it squashed me like a bug

Today, when I see you going through the same thing
it makes me want to scream
I want to tell you what to do, but you know what?
All I can do is share my experiences,
my humiliations, my sorrows, my joy without any pretensions.

You are your own man, in a way
and the decisions and the paths you will take are your own to make now.

One of these days you’ll figure it all out.
Everything eventually falls into place
There are walls you’ll have to jump and rivers of shit you’ll have to pass
Every time you will win or you will lose
but that doesn’t really matter

You went where no one else went
dared to face fear and smashed its face

Congratulations, the world is yours and it needs you.

## I want to go out like Hemingway
When I heard the news about Tony jumping off a bridge
I was shocked, I was dismayed, I didn’t know what to say…

I don’t want to be that way, today, well of course, I’m not right now.
But something clicked inside their minds,
and they made the decision that they made.

They crossed the line they knew they weren’t coming back
and they knew it all along.

People ask why, “how can someone so brilliant go out that way”
Well, to me I see it in a different point of view:
If you can’t create, you can’t breathe.
If you can’t do what you do,
then you might as well put a knife through my skull.

I hate to break it to you, but the creative mind has to constantly be challenged, enraged, loved and betrayed.
Now what would you rather be?
A coward or someone that put their heart out on display.

When I knew about Hemingway and the way he went
I thought that’s the way I want to go.
Those days may be far away, and I don’t have the balls,
however I totally understand the way you went and passed away.